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Posted in Promotion, Shameless by Jill Snider Lum on Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hello!  <sets cocktail glass on table,  sits down on chair, and looks at you>

Well… here we are.

I’ve got here first, so I’ll introduce myself.  I am Jill Snider Lum, and Michael Skeet and I have begun this blog because we’re collaborating on a novel.  A couple of years ago we wrote a novella called “Beneath the Skin” which was published in Tesseracts Thirteen, an anthology of Canadian fantastic fiction.  We had such a good time of it that we decided to write a novel after that, telling about what followed for the characters in the novella.  We’re halfway through it, and by the time we’re finished, it’s going to be a really good novel, with strange supernatural Japanese creatures in it, and interesting human characters who have to deal with them.  “Blog!” everyone told us.  “You guys should blog!  Go on, blog, right this minute!”  So we’re doing it.  Two heads are better than one for this sort of thing, as long as they’re on separate necks, with separate bodies attached to them; otherwise I imagine the conflict of sharing a torso and legs would be just too irritating for practicality.

As for who we are… well, my husband and I have been hanging out with Michael and his wife for nearly 19 years — though I’m the newcomer to the group, as my husband has known the two of them for closer to 25 years.  So who we are is, friends.  We all in turn hang out with the same bunch of people, whom my husband refers to on his blog as “the usual suspects”.  We see each other several times a week at various social gatherings and at the Cecil Street writers’ group, of which I’ve been a member for the past three years, and which Michael helped found 22 years ago.  (You will gather from this preponderance two-digit numbers that none of us are tweenies anymore, for which I feel profound gratitude.)

Michael will certainly add more about who we are.  As for me, I have been a gemmologist, an insurance appraiser, an historical interpreter, a janitor, a COBOL programmer, an office administrator, and I’m working my way into technical writing.  Through everything else, I’ve always written fiction.  So who I am, I suppose, is a writer.  Which means that I’m somewhat egotistical and not especially sane; and there’s nothing wrong with that.


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  1. Do-Ming Lum said,


    Can I write restaurant reviews for you??!?

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