Second Draft

Come on in, they said. The water’s fine, they said.

Posted in Promotion, Shameless by Michael Skeet on Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hi. I’m Michael, the other half of this authorial tag-team. I can’t say that I’m unaccustomed to public speaking or anything, but I’m definitely not accustomed to this new-fangled Inter-tubes thing. I had a website, once. It was dead several months (mine host left town, having forgotten about me) before I noticed.

But that’s neither here nor there. Everyone I know says that blogging is fun for the entire family, so I’m here having been persuaded that I’ll really enjoy myself. <looks offstage> Oh, all right. Ahem. What I Did on My Summer Vacation. <ducks> Okay, okay. Who I Am and Why I’m Here.

I have been writing my entire adult life, in one form or another. Besides my fun in radio I have worked as a newspaper reporter, columnist and critic, a magazine writer and a movie critic on radio and (briefly disastrously) television. Since the mid-nineties I have made my living in the software business, writing manuals and other technical documentation.

My fiction career began in 1986, thanks in part to Phyllis Gotlieb (who bought the first SF story I ever wrote) and has proceeded in fits and starts since then. I won the Aurora Award for short fiction in 1992 (okay, technically I shared it with this guy, but this is about me, isn’t it?) and followed that one with another the following year for editing the anthology Tesseracts 4. Over the years I’ve published some stories and made some very good friends and tried to learn how to write novels.

Jill has already explained about “Beneath the Skin” and the novel that is emerging from that. My main reason for allowing myself to be persuaded to participate in this blogging project is that I want there to be a record, of sorts, of how this collaboration developed and progressed. And progressing is what it’s doing, as of this weekend.


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