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Posted in Promotion, Shameless by Jill Snider Lum on Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Cecil Street Irregulars’ kaffeklatsch is a go, thanks to the organizational genius of Jannie Shea, and Michael and I will be among the participants.  We’ll be in the Palais de Congres, room 512C, at 11:00am.  Sign-ups are available on Thursday, but even if you show up at the ‘klatsch without pre-registering, they’ll let you in as long as there’s space.  The audience is limited to 40 people.  The Irregulars are a talented group of writers, and a dashed nice group of people.  Come and chat; it’ll be fun.

At the Edge Publications booth on Friday at 2:00pm, I will be among those signing copies of Tesseracts Thirteen, the latest volume of this long-running Canadian anthology.  From there we move on to the book launch, as you can see in the following announcement from Edge:

Tesseracts 13 Launch

Tesseracts 13, the latest in the Tesseracts anthology series from Edge, will be launched at Worldcon/Anticipation in Montreal.

T-13—the only all horror/dark fantasy anthology in the acclaimed series—is edited by Nancy Kilpatrick and David Morrell. It features 23 dark, original and exciting stories, introductions by the editors, and a comprehensive history of Canadian horror and dark fantasy by genre expert Robert Knowlton.

Come join us:

Friday, August 7th

3 to 5 pm

Montreal Delta Hotel,

777 University Avenue

Suite 2815

This book isn’t out until the Fall, but you can buy copies of it at WorldCon and have them signed by attending contributers, including David Nickle, my fellow Cecil Streeter.  Here’s the information about the book, from the Edge webpage, and a look at the cover:



Tesseracts Thirteen invites you to delve into literature’s shadowy side!

This, the newest and most unusual of the popular and award-winning Tesseracts anthologies, utilizes the mysterious and bewitching number ‘thirteen’ to explore a new realm of innovative, thought-provoking and disturbing fiction. Award-winning authors and editors Nancy Kilpatrick and David Morrell have unearthed twenty-three stories of horror and dark fantasy that reflect a mélange of Canada’s most exciting known and about-to-be known writers. These eerie-genre tales range from the unsettling to the sinister. Inside you will find stories featuring:

The young, but not always innocent — ghosts; multiple births; comic book characters come to life

Romance gone terribly wrong — curses; mournful spirits; bringing back the dead

Creepy and twisted realities — mummies; windigos; post apocalyptic Canada

The authors in Tesseracts 13 span the country, from east to west coast, applying a particularly Canadian stamp to a classic and revered genre. Contributors include: Kelley Armstrong; Alison Baird; Rebecca Bradley; Mary E. Choo; Suzanne Church; Kevin Cockle; Ivan Dorin; Katie Harse; Kevin Kvas; Michael Kelly; Jill Snider Lum; Catherine MacLeod; Matthew Moore; Silvia Moreno-Garcia; David Nickle; Jason Ridler; Gord Rollo; Andrea Schlecht; Daniel Sernine; Stephanie Short; Jean-Louis Trudel; Edo van Belkom; Bev Vincent

Expert-in-the-field Robert Knowlton provides a fascinating and detailed overview of the history of horror and dark fantasy writing and publishing in Canada.


Do come to the book launch and buy a copy, talk to us, let us sign things for you.  The book is good horrifying value for money.  For all I know, the signatures may be horrifying, too.


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