Second Draft

Little Dancing Ego

Posted in Promotion, Shameless by Jill Snider Lum on Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I am quite startled, and madly gratified, to see that the Publishers Weekly web book review speaks remarkably highly of “A Patch of Bamboo”, my story in Tesseracts Thirteen.

My little writer’s ego — okay, my overwhelming, gigantic writer’s ego — is doing a happy little dance.


Enhanced Perspective, or something like that

Posted in Collaboration by Jill Snider Lum on Friday, October 9, 2009

It was a pleasant, productive summer for each of us, with travelling, events, time with our families and friends, and a number of different individual projects  — you’ll have read Michael’s good news about his work this summer, and I’ve been revising a novel that I’d let lie fallow, having had my head too far stuck inside it to know how to make it better.  You may know the feeling, if you write: you realize the thing is full of flaws, you have vague ideas of what they are but can’t get a handle on them, you’re too disgusted with the piece to show your critique group, but you’re not sure quite what to do to fix the mess… so you put it away for a while, hoping to see it more clearly later on.  Well, it worked; I think a fairly decent phoenix will rise from the ashes, which I will then present to the Cecil Street group so they can help me flay off the bits that still aren’t working.

The structure of this summer had that stepping-back effect for me regarding Demon Gate, the collaborative project.  Not that either Michael or I felt it was in difficulties or had horrendous problems — but sometimes it’s really good to just slow down on a piece for a bit, to get a better perspective on how it’s looking, and on how to proceed with the rest of it.  Having both had a little distance from the book, we seem to have found ourselves more readily able to codify questions and issues we had about the work we’d each done on the first half of the story, and the effects our decisions would have on the second half.

I have high hopes for the second half.