Second Draft

Long time, no post…

Posted in Collaboration,Promotion, Shameless by Jill Snider Lum on Sunday, February 14, 2010

… ’cause life is what happens when you’re making other plans.  Darned inconvenient, life.  But it beats the alternative; and here we are again, still working on our novel, in addition to the other novels we’re each working on separately, and the short-story idea I’m toying with, and various other projects and general being-alive things.  And you’ll be hearing from us most every day now, whether you want to or not.  <rubbing hands together and giggling maniacally>

So… about our collaborative novel.  Michael and I recently figured out the details of what’s going to happen in the last third or so of Demon Gate, a subject we’ve both been brooding on for some time.  We both knew pretty much what was going to happen, mind you, but now we also know how, which is a different matter entirely.  One of the things I like best about collaborating is the fact that when I’m out of ideas, my collaborator is likely to have one, and vice versa.  At any rate, knowing about the rest of the book will facilitate finishing the first draft… and there will be much rejoicing.  And then we get to start in on the edits.

We both have some good independent news, too.

Michael’s short story “Red Blues” is coming out in EDGE publication’s new anthology Evolve: Vampire Stories of the New Undead, coming out in March.  The book will be launched at the World Horror Convention in Brighton, UK, if you’re planning to attend.  Michael can’t be there, but some of the other featured authors will be attending.  Whether or not you’re at the convention, “Red Blues” is a damn fine story, so you ought to check it out.  Visit the Edge website for more details.

For myself, I’ll be participating in an online question-and-answer session on the 3rd and 4th of March, on the paranormal book review website Bitten by Books. You can leave questions for me and other Tesseracts Thirteen authors, and we’ll log on periodically and answer them.  I’m just as curious about some of my fellow contributors’ answers to the questions as I am about what we’ll be asked.  Feel free to look in; it sounds like fun.

See you tomorrow, life permitting.  Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day!


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