Second Draft

Hurray for Peter!

Posted in Uncategorized by Jill Snider Lum on Sunday, September 5, 2010

This morning, one of our Cecil Street colleagues who’s attending Worldcon in Australia let us know that Peter Watts has won this year’s Hugo Award for best novelette!

Congratulations, Peter, on this well-deserved honour.  And it’s wonderful to see that the second half of your year is such a huge improvement over the first half!



Posted in Uncategorized by Jill Snider Lum on Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So, what do you think? Is it better to follow every single advance in technology, thereby potentially sacrificing privacy, identity, and right? Or is it best to be a kind of luddite, or neo-luddite, suspiciously avoiding much of the technological advance, especially as it applies to social and networking media, and thereby miss out on whatever advancements such developments confer upon humankind?

Or is there really the need to make the choice?

Just wondering…

Not Dead…

Posted in Uncategorized by Jill Snider Lum on Tuesday, May 4, 2010

…just busy and, in my case at least, inarticulate. Sometimes the necessity of running errands and performing work-related tasks makes it difficult to think of what to blog about. But I promise we’ll get back to it shortly.

I suppose it’s relevant to the blog if I mention that I got hold of my neighbourhood’s last available copy of “Throne of Blood” today. At a discount, even. And on the front of the DVD case is a screen-shot of Toshiro Mifune, looking terrified out of his mind as he realizes that the arrows being shot at him during his prolonged death-scene aren’t props, but actual arrows with actual sharp metal tips that could actually kill him dead. Kurosawa decided to do that so Mifune would appear genuinely afraid. Apparently it worked.

See you soon!


Posted in Uncategorized by Jill Snider Lum on Monday, April 26, 2010

We just got word that Peter Watts will not have to go to prison. Cause for celebration, indeed!

Need your good vibes right now…

Posted in Uncategorized by Jill Snider Lum on Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tomorrow, Monday 26 April, our friend and workshop-mate Peter Watts heads to Port Huron for sentencing.  As you may know, he was lately found guilty of the crime of asking a US border guard a question.  Dave Nickle, our likewise friend and Cecil Street colleague, has the details here.

Peter will either be back tomorrow night, or in jail for four to six months.  We are hoping against hope for the former.  Please send the judge, and the whole Michigan judicial system, all the reasonable, constructive, rational vibes you can.  Peter just does not deserve to go to jail for this.  Nobody does.

Group chants are welcome.

Frankenbook Lives!

Posted in Uncategorized by Jill Snider Lum on Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It’s been a crowded few days — as you may have noticed by our lack of posts — but I did want to take a moment or two, just now, to announce that my oft-revised, several-times-reworked, frequently-cut-up-and-restitched-together-from-spare-parts novel, the Frankenbook, is finally finished.

Not sure I can call it a first draft, though it’s certainly a first draft of the book in its present form.  And I really don’t want to change that basic form, since I think it’s finally a respectable monster — I mean, novel.  In a little while I’ll submit it to the Cecil Street group, so they can help me see where it might need to have some scar tissue excised, or maybe a third ear removed.  And then we’ll see.

I need a title, mind you.  It’s had so many titles that I can hardly remember them all, and none of them have been much good.  At the moment its title is “Needs New Title”.  Maybe I’ll just leave it at that… <deranged giggle>

Meanwhile, the sequel is already 15,000 words long.  Son of Frankenbook…

Nonsense, I Say.

Posted in Food,Uncategorized by Jill Snider Lum on Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What would you call a fantasy or science fiction cookbook?  You must understand that I am not in a particularly sane or sensible mood just now, so if you’re interested in a serious post, this blog is not your best choice today.  However, if you’re feeling less-than-profound, as I am today… what would you entitle a cookbook filled with recipes based on your favourite SF or fantasy stories?

I mean, for a cookbook based on the hard-boiled detective novels of John D. MacDonald, there is no possible title but The Dreadful Lemon Pie.  For a Regency romance-themed cookbook, you want April Ladyfingers.  For recipes based on cosy British mysteries, there’s Five Red Pickled Herrings, maybe, or Passage to Frankfurters.  So what about science fiction?  What about fantasy?

Surely you have better ideas than I do.  Must we be content with Lord of the Rings of Calamari, or Time Enough for Lunch?  No, I say,  You can do better, even in a silly mood.  Go ahead.  Make my soup — I mean, my day.


Posted in Uncategorized by Jill Snider Lum on Saturday, April 10, 2010

It’s been a tricky week all ’round; but there’ll be a new post sometime on Monday. Thanks for visiting us; and thanks for your patience. Happy Saturday!

Long Weekend…

Posted in Uncategorized by Jill Snider Lum on Thursday, April 1, 2010

…and I don’t know when we’ll get to post; possibly not until Monday. So, in case we can’t get back to it until then, Happy Easter Weekend, everyone!

A Happy Undead Review!

Posted in Uncategorized by Jill Snider Lum on Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Michael’s story, “Red Blues”, gets the special mention it deserves in the Innsmouth Free Press’s review of Evolve: Vampire Stories of the New Undead.  I encourage you to check it out, and get a copy of the book.  Whether you’re just slightly interested in vampires or a long-time fan of the genre, you’ll like this collection of stories, which pushes the old blood-sucking envelope in remarkably innovative directions.

Hope you have a great Wednesday… and fangs for reading our blog.  (Yeah, I know… but it’s that kind of day.)

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